504 with Leitner (plus exam)

504 with Leitner (plus exam)

Version 1.01
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A simple application with straightforward user interface for memorizing 504 essential words

This application uses leitner box method that completely matches with 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 and all of this stages will be done automatically.

Just select maximum words that you want to learn every day and let the app provide you the words that you should learn today and after that you can enter the exam that will select the necessary words coinciding leitner box and after answering the 5 options exam questions, the contents of boxes will change and new words based on your answers to the exam will be prepared for your next exam that will began tommorrow.


with daily exams in order to check the learning progress

with vocal pronounciation

review all of 504 words out of learning schedule

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