Cartner (Leitner+504+1100+TOEFL&..)

Cartner (Leitner+504+1100+TOEFL&..)

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With Cartner you won't forget what you've learned.

Cartner is an app to learn vocabs. You can learn vocabs very easily and don't worry about forgetting after you learned. Because Cartner uses Leitner method to review vocabs.

Cartner eases learning vocabs for you by using proven scientific methods.

Cartner has implemented Leitner's structure for you. The only thing you need to do is open the book and start learning. Managing the Leitner is completely done by Cartner.

Some of app's features

● Completely free and unlimited Leitner

● Reviewing vocabs with Leitner method

● Exact implementation of Leitner method

● Smart management of vocabs which you should review

● English to Persian and English to English dictionary

● Correct pronounciation of vocabs

● Including an image for every vocab

● Including description and examples for every vocab

● With proper help hints wherever needed

● With different setting for customizing

● You can add your own books to the app

● You can add your own vocabs to the books that you've added

● You can download free books from shop

● You can download Seventh to Pre-collage grade books' vocabs for free

● You can buy non-free books from shop

● You can choose to review vocabs with any of these methods: Writing, Listening, Multiple-choice questions, or any combination of these three methods.

● After downloading the books you don't need to be online anymore.

● Capable of downaloding offline dictionary

● Vocabulary lookup from dictionary

● Easy access to dictionary while reviewing vocabs (by touching every vocab)

● Adding vocabs from dictionary to existing books

● Automatically loading meanings and pronunciations from dictionary while adding new vocabs

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