Mint | Menstruation & Relationship

Mint | Menstruation & Relationship

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With the help of Mint app you can predict your menstrual cycle and determine your menstrual days, high fertility days & ovulation days .

The Mint app has many tools that can help you get through your menstrual cycle and improve your relationships:

*Ovulation calendar

* Introducing contraceptive methods and choosing the best one for each person according to medical records and personal desires

* Providing home remedies and medications to relieve menstrual symptoms

*Online pregnancy test and estimating one's chance of pregnancy

* How to use emergency pills

* Providing solutions to manage and compensate for forgetfulness about taking pills

* Providing solutions for short or long-term postponement of menstruation

* Identify the causes of each person's vaginal discharge and provide solutions

*Menstrual Exercise Video Tutorial

* Menstrual relaxation music and videos

* Send a contraceptive pill reminder according to the type of pill you are taking

Doctors in the Mint team, bring you  medical content in the app so you can enjoy a related menstruation and enjoyable married life.

The contents of the Mint application are provided by Dr. Faezeh Shahbazi and the following medical references:


Up todate

Dipiro Handbook

And also according to the contents of the website provided.

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