Sherkat yaab

Sherkat yaab

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Did you looking for a particular goods?
Did you looking for a particular company?
By installing this application, at any time, you will have access to thousands of companies with a classified information which is operating in different fields.
The application "Sherkat Yaab" is created to gathering information of companies in the fields of civil,
Transportation, food, and ... with easy access, fast and free .
The aim of "Sherkat Yaab"
Establishing the communication network in various areas classified as such as construction, transportation, food and ....
"Sherkat Yaab" Mission
Easy access, quick and free access to information which is classified.

Features and Benefits 
* Free APP
* Register, edit and update information by the company (free) online
* Advanced Search Service by company name, activities, goods
* Send emails, browse websites and make contact with companies member within the app
* And in the near future more features such as faxing from within the program to member companies, product gallery, price list and .....  will be added.

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