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Everything you need to boost your business

Today, information is the first one in the business, and the one who has more information about the market and market and marketing techniques can certainly make a better result. The best and most famous managers of the world, when they peak at the height of the era Their work and their company reached a point in a joint interview with reporters. They speak proudly that they are known as a marketer.

As your marketing and sales plan, you have come up with the most comprehensive solutions to your business success, which you can certainly reach the peak in the business market by utilizing these solutions.

This collection includes:

++ Introducing Marketing Types:

Neurological marketing
Guerrilla human behavior
Mouth-to-mouth marketing
Aggressive marketing
Agile marketing
Marketing Management
Guerrilla marketing
Emotional marketing
Content marketing
Humorous marketing
Green marketing
Hidden Marketing
Marketing permission
Waiting marketing
Street marketing
Direct Marketing
Viral Marketing
Relational marketing
The difference between classic and modern marketing
Trust marketing
Phone Marketing Principles
Partisan Marketing Against Traditional Marketing
Modern marketing

++ Customer Relationship

How to make effective communication with our customers?
The concept of customer satisfaction in industrial markets
What is public relations?
customer behavior

++ ads

Advertising planning
Tools and terms of creating effective communication and advertising
The code of propaganda survival in mind
Ads by David Egilvy
Review of five advertising slogans that have been the best in history
What kind of promotions will sell?
Build impressive ads
Methods of reducing advertising costs
Hidden ads
Three psychological solutions in messages and advertisements

++ Sales and Distribution

Soft sale
More for sale
Ways to achieve a good sale
Sales Management
A memorable sale
Distribution channels
Distribution systems

++ Internet Marketing

Principles of Electronic Marketing
The key to success in e-commerce
Electronic marketing methods
Setting up a home Internet business
Professional Email Marketing Tricks
Mobile Marketing

++ 58 Secrets of successful vendors (professional vendors)

++ The life of the most successful Iranian entrepreneurs

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