Tansa Health Calculator + Pedometer

Tansa Health Calculator + Pedometer

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Health & Fitness

(New Version) Have a beautiful and fit shape and take more care of your health using this app...

Are you aware of your Body Mass Index and the category fall into? What is your body fat percentage? What about your daily energy requirements in order to lose weight, gain weight or stay where you are? How many steps you take daily? All these and more are included in this app.

This app which has been developed based on latest Google material design guidelines, helps you get a clean view of your health status by providing required fields. Such as body fat percentage, fat mass compared to lean mass, body mass index, waist to height ratio and your energy status like daily calories required for maintaining your weight, smooth or fast weight loss or weight gain.

All the info in the app are dedicated for men and women. Also this app is compatible with both metric units (cm and kg) and non-metric units (foot, inches and pounds).

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