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Royal intelligent sensor applications to interact and communicate more with your smartphone

With this app you can do the following individual gestures with your hands to do this:

✔ In-App Gallery Ksatvn's there that you can move your hands over and see!

✔ The music that you play with your hands, you can move it to the next or previous music or play yourself or stop him.

✔ It can easily compatible with your phone that are off the screen without touching the screen or see the power button or open.

✔ incoming call that is ringing alarm sound can Khvrdnh not stop.

✔ smart or automatically compatible with your phone to speaker mode during a call away!

✔ compatible with your phone by moving your hands flashlight on and off.

✔ that is ringing alarm by shaking the phone, disconnect it.

✔ The app can intelligently calculate swim and exercise you get, and he got voice mail count and ticks!

Google's Voice search ✔ search for the active and so I can only tell you want to search anymore!

✔ compatible with your phone to silent mode, you can move with a cut or remove it from silent mode.

✔ your device's Bluetooth on and off, just by moving the hands compatible with your phone!

✔ WiFi devices can also turn off or on.

✔ Use your phone can efficiently clean up RAM memory and speed it up more, it's just a move!

✔ and ...

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