Auto Call recorder

Auto Call recorder

Version 1.1
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The software, excellent software and applications and is easy to record phone calls and conversations for Android devices with which you can easily and with good quality of your outgoing and incoming calls automatically save ! Yes ... this is possible without the involvement of the software is provided so that you can automatically record your conversations and access all of them in the final.We suggest that you forward the application with which you can record all calls for two-way! Unfortunately, there is no Android application for recording conversations, but if you are looking for a good application performance are acceptable for recording phone calls we introduce to you this application.
The software is incredibly compact and light weight and a small amount of Fzay Rome occupies your phone! (So ​​do not worry about whether it's in the background)

(Please if there is any problem with the operation of the software problem in the comments section to let us know so we can fix it in later versions)

(All files saved by software in the device's internal memory / folders are recordedCalls)

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