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Note: This program is only for contacts and messages Finglish (English character) is usability.

This program is an advanced audio Alamgr the name of the person who's calling + who has sent you a text message to your side.

It also had the ability to read text messages Finglish you if you check in application settings to be enabled!

Among the program features than similar apps, the ability to adjust the volume and speed of voice is!

It is recommended to use high-quality voice files with high quality TTS for your phone, download the phone manufacturer's website.


Some features of this app:

✔ announce the caller's name (Contacts)

✔ SMS sender name

✔ read the content of SMS

✔ Set up and personalize your voice

✔ Enabled feature in silent mode

✔ completely offline without internet

✔ and ...

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