Version 1.0.1
Active installs

An ultra-low volume (even a volume less than a photograph) with more wonderful applications ahead of you!

Sound a program to control and increase the quality and volume of all parts of your phone!

As well as three-dimensional capabilities of the Sound

Video Playback to talk!

Voice capabilities:

- The possibility of increasing to three times the playback sound of the phone.

- Ability to customize equalizer settings for playback of music and sounds in 5-band phone for quite professional.

- Ability to increase the bass sound that is powerful and deepening of the voice.

- The possibility of three-dimensional sound when playing music.

- 10 pre-set equalizer.

- Separate settings for handset and handsfree speakers.

- Supports Bluetooth Handsfree and any other device that is connected via Bluetooth. Such as automobiles.

- The volume and sound quality during calls.

- Ability to backup and save the settings.

- Take advantage of this program is separate from the audio system and phone.

- 20 volume for music

- 100 volume for calls

- Very low volume and lack of occupation RAM

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