Aramsho: Persian meditation

Aramsho: Persian meditation

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Our goal is to increase the feeling of happiness and health in your life, but you will spend less than 5 minutes.

We did this for you with the simplest methods in the form of a series of very self-contained sessions, using an experienced instructor and a scientific method that has already been answered.

Let me ask you a question ...

What do you think about attending meditation sessions and being accompanied by a lady / gentleman as a leader during the session?

Now we did exactly that in "Aramsho"!

What does it mean?

This means that you choose the package you want, by clicking on the play button, a leader who has dedicated his life to meditation for hours and knows how to be a leader will talk to you and tell you what to do at the moment of the meditation session!

I have to say that we are not the main source of the Aramsho content, we just translated the content in the "Headspace" application and give it to you. ( )

If you are interested in meditation, but so far you have encountered only a few music and a few lines of writing in every door you knock on, I suggest you try "Aramsho"!

Of course, musk is to smell yourself! But now you try to see what it's like.

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