Trainers Rambody

Trainers Rambody

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Scale your business with the #1 Platform built for fitness professionals. Over 1000 active personal trainers around the world have effectively scaled their business with TRAINERS RAMBODY.

No more spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. TRAINERS RAMBODY will empower you to establish an effective connection with your clients using your smartphone so you can follow your clients' progress on-demand. Create customized workout and nutrition plans for your clients with ease whenever and wherever.

• Select from 700+ exercises with animation and instruction for home and gym
• Analyze your client profile (BMI, BMR,…, Body fat percentage)
• Create self-branded exercises with videos
• Ability to edit the workout and nutrition plan whenever
• Access to your clients' workout and nutrition history
• Chat and connect with your clients
• Multilingual

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