Prayers and comprehensive Ziarat

Prayers and comprehensive Ziarat

Version 2
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* In the name of God *

Software prayers and comprehensive Ziarat:

Several prayer and pilgrimage comprehensive that we all need to read it.

Prayers and chants such as:

Testament prayer + audio + Text translation

Camille prayer + audio + Text translation

Prayer wailing sound play + Text translation

Dua resort + text + audio translation

Prayer Mojiri + audio + Text translation

Opening prayer + audio + Text translation

Minor breastplate prayer + audio + Text translation

Great breastplate prayer + audio + Text translation


And Zyaraty such as:

Ashura pilgrimage + text + audio player

The sound and play great pilgrimage + Text translation

Pilgrimage to Al-Yassin + text + audio translation

And noble Hadith Kisa with text and audio translation and prayer


Charismatic professor and professor Taheri


A beautiful setting

Easy access

Simple GUI and ......

Next update:

Increasing the number of prayers and Ziarat

And practices and acts of remembrance days.

User interface and how to use this software you can see at the link below:


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