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As urbanization is increasingly growing in our country for past decades, and there would be high necessity in controlling and monitoring of money transactions in our residential, whether is skyscraper or small building, our company decided to design and develop a software which can be installed on user’s smart devices such as phones, tablets, etc , and will enable them to manage their residencies in much better and easier way.
This software is based on fundamentals of accountancy, and will help the building manager to organize and monitor his residency in a way more accurately.
Some of the highlighted characteristics of this application are mentioned below:
• Saving unlimited number of apartments already defined in the residential building with their owner’s information as well as those of their tenants.
• Defining different Main money saving accounts for the building which can be for owners, tenants, or any others.
• Defining different accounts for payments and expenditures of the building, with different types such as periodical or non periodical.
• Saving invoices and bills related to the building such as power bills, etc, for the purpose of notifying the manager in order to pay them.
• Giving the receipt of payments to the apartments which pay their defined shares to the manager by either sending text sms, or making pdf file and send them by Email or Bluetooth .
• Reporting with various aspect s of the system such :
o Main saving accounts condition.
o Payments and Expenditures accounts condition.
o Apartment’s condition.
o Invoices and Bills condition.
o Periodical payments and expenditures condition.

• Saving reports mentioned above in order to be managed and send later by either Email, Bluetooth, etc.
• Ability to backup and restore data at any circumstances and critical situation.
• Complete guide of the system inside itself.

We have tried our best to develop a system which helps its users to reduce their paper job in order to manage the importance of their residential, anywhere and anytime they wish.

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