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Nostalgic Card Games from the 80s

One of the most favorite entertainments of Iranian children before digital era (during 80s), were card games. These cards were included the information about performance specifications of different Automobiles and Airplanes, as well as information about Countries.

And now we made Dibato to bring all the fun and excitement of this nostalgic Iranian card game into the digital world, and introduce this game to the rest of the world.

You can choose your favorite card from your favorite categories, such as Football, Airplanes, Automobiles, etc. These cards have been divided into Bronze, Silver, and Golden cards, that shows their power.

You just need to select your favorite category and also the best cards you have and play with AI in different levels. Game rules are the same as the old game, you just need to call the specific performance that you want, and if that performance is better than your opponent, you will win your opponent’s card, until one of the players is out of cards.

This game is still in its beta version, and we are trying to make it a better app day by day. We’ll add the multiplayer feature ASAP, so you’ll be able to play this game with your family and friends. We will really appreciate it if you send us your feedback about this game to the following email.

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