Origami - Crafts out of paper

Origami - Crafts out of paper

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Origami is the art of folding a variety of paper figures that originate from Ancient China, where the paper was once invented. The classic origami consists of a square sheet of paper without the use of scissors. With the help of our patterns created by masters of origami, you will learn how to quickly and easily add the simplest figures that you can decorate your house. From the paper, you can add everything you want. These can be animals, dragons, birds, flowers, ships, cars, boxes, geometric shapes and much more.

For you, we have prepared some of the most popular schemes and instructions for creating the simplest origami:
- Origami flowers,
- Butterfly origami,
- craft origami,
- animals origami,
- birds origami,
- the heart of origami,
- Origami decoration.

You can make origami not only for yourself but also for your relatives and friends, giving them these fantastic figures that you will make with your own hands. Such a gift will be precious and special because you have invested in it your efforts and made it with love.
In this application for you, we tried to collect the best origami schemes. Fold your first origami and get to know this magical art.