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A social network based on business

Digicity is a fast, secure and free social network where you can find any business or create your own business and use it for free.

In Digicity, you can find and visit the closest stores, offices, barber shops, restaurants, caravans, cinemas, supermarkets, sports clubs, educational institutions, automotive repair shops, and a summary of everything you have to think about, or reserve a doctor or a hairdresser.

No longer worry about online purchasing, Digicity assign a reputation to a business according to the background they provide and you can buy the most reputable stores.

Digicity makes it possible to search every product or service you see in a store in all the stores and find the one that matches them the most, so you can compare them.

Find out the services you are looking for and find the fastest ones that offer the services you are looking for, contact them and use their services.

Some digital features:

  • Quick and easy access to a wide range of business at any time and place.
  • Introducing products with pictures, descriptions and features.
  • The ability to create your business and introduce your products and career.
  • Ability to comment on the product and rate it and use consumer opinions.
  • Online shopping and online payment and payment on at the place.
  • Ability to search among products and brands.
  • Functional categories of stores and services.
  • Offer closest stores and services.

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