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WhatsApp Send Reminder

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Perhaps, like many others, you'll want to send your friends some special messages in the future.But you might forget to post it right away, OR set up a reminder, and do not have the opportunity to write a message when you are alerted.

<b>what's the solution?</b>

An App with which you can:

  Write your messages, attach your photo, movie or sound, set the time to send and get to your life safely. And will send them as soon as they arrive at the least effort.

<b>WhatsApp Send Reminder</b> is built to remind and send messages via WhatsApp. To select the recipient, WhatsApp program opens and you can select the contact or group that you want. Then add your messages, And set send time.

This application is semi-automatic for sending messages. It will alert you at the specified time and will ask you to unlock your device to complete the sending  process. Once the device is unlocked, the sending process will begin without your intervention.

<b>Ability of the program in a nutshell:</b>

Send text messages and photos, videos and sound in an unlimited number with WhatsApp

Select recipients from the WhatsApp program

Making the recipient group easier to choose in the future

Send semi-automatic messages (requires unlocking).

A Real WhatsApp Reminder!

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