panahgah mosalman (muslim shelter)

panahgah mosalman (muslim shelter)

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panahgah mosalman (muslim shelter)

panahgah mosalman (muslim shelter)

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Version 3.2.5
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Shelter Muslims (Muslim faith) Audio offline without internet

It is derived from a book written by Said bin Ali bin Vhf haven Muslim or Muslim Hassan al-Qahtani is that the app is provided to you friends.

The book of chants and prayers Consolidated quoted from the Holy Quran and prophetic tradition is peace and blessings be upon him.

Examples of these chants are described below.

1) requirements when waking up
2) wearing prayer
3) Pray for the person who is wearing new clothes
4) Pray to wear new clothes
5) prayers when undressing
6) prayer when entering the toilet
7) When prayer out of the toilet
8) mentioned before ablution
9) noted after completion of ablution
10) When the out of home
11) When entering the home listed
12) go to the mosque prayer
13) prayers inside the mosque
14) The prayer out Azmsjd
15) remembrances of prayer
16) Thrymh Takbeer after prayers before the funeral prayers (Astftah)
17) prayers, bowing
18) prayer when rising from bowing
19) The prayer of prostration
20) Prayer sit among Dvsjdh
21) prostration of recitation of prayers
22) tashahud
23) Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah be upon him Vslm- -Sly after tashahud
24) prayer after the final tashahhud and before greeting
25) After the prayer recitals
26) Prayer Prayer divination
27) morning and evening Azkar
28) Sleep Azkar
29) When rolling from side to side on the night prayer
30) prayer, then shock and distress at bedtime
31) acts that must be done after seeing a dream or a bad dream
32) folded in prayer prayers chord
33) noted after prayers Hi chord
34) prayer when grief
35) Pray to the hardship
36) prayer when faced with an enemy or authority
37) Pray for the cruel ruler who fears
38) prayer against the enemy
39) The prayer of a person who fears
40) the prayer of one who has been tempted in faith and doubt
41) Pray to pay debt
42) Prayer temptation in prayer and recitation of the Quran
43) Pray for the job
44) What sin have to say
45) Prayer rejection of Satan and his temptations
46) The prayer of an unfortunate accident or failure at work
47) Congratulations to those who have a child and answer
48) Pray to protect children
49) Pray for the sick when Yadtsh
50) The virtue of visiting the sick
51) Prayer is sick of despair
52) indoctrination La Ilaha the person dying
53) Prayer stricken man
54) After prayers the soul leaves and dead eyes closed
55) Pray the funeral prayer for the dead
56) Pray the funeral prayer for children
57) Prayer condolences
58) Pray When laying dead in the grave
59) buried after funeral prayers
60) prayer pilgrimages to the graves
61) Pray the wind
62) When lightning Dabh
63) prayers seeking rain
64) Pray the falling rain
65) noted after falling rain
66) Pray heavy rain
67) Prayer sighting (New Moon)
68) When the prayer break
69) Prayer before eating
70) end of the meal prayer
71) Prayer host visitors
72) Pray for someone to give us water or water is going
73) The prayer of a fasting person to break his fast with them family
74) prayer and fasting that the way we eat
75) If a fasting person to tell the cursed or insulted:
76) Prayer see fresh fruit
77) prayers and rituals of sneezing
78) the unbelievers who sneezes and does not praise God
79) Congratulations marriage prayer
80) The prayer of a person who marries a servant or a camel buys
81) prayers before bed with wife
82) Prayer anger
83) Prayer is to describe a person with disaster
84) Prayer House
85) The prayer of atonement for the House
86) the one who says God Lak Ghfr
87) Pray for someone who is good to you
88) Apply to save the evil Antichrist
89) Pray for the person who says: Annie Hbk fi Allah (God because you love)
90) Pray for someone to rub your offer
91) Pray the debt to the creditor
92) Prayer is afraid of Shrek
93) Pray for someone to say: Bravo Fick
94) Prayer Bdfaly
95) Prayer ride on Tools
96) Prayer Travel
97) Prayer entrance to the village or town
98) Prayer market entry
99) Prayer slide rides
100) Passenger prayer for residents

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