sfit | bodybuilding and fitness

sfit | bodybuilding and fitness

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Health & Fitness

This app is designed for bodybuilders and athletes and those who want to be healthy and well-formed

Dear users, using this program, you can have access to our country's leading and experienced coaches and ask them to exercise, food and supplement program, to use the program to exercise and to make progress faster and better

Below are some of the features and features of this app:


1- Ability to receive training, nutrition and supplementary training from coaches

2- It is possible to write a workout, food and supplementary program for yourself in my programs section

3- Possibility to collect points using the various methods described in the program to increase their chance in the Sfit monthly draw that will be awarded to the top 10 first-aiders and sports equipment.

4- Ability to view orders given and track them from the contact page

5- Saving the programs received by the coaches by separating their history and archives from them and having no worries about clearing their programs.

6- See a list of bodybuilding clubs and the ability to register clubs that you know by you

7. Features and other features that you will be familiar with after installing the program.

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