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Here are 20 tips to download as successful keystrokes from this book and review them together.

1 - Be a solution specialist

A professional seller should not only sell! Most people love shopping and they will be very happy when a salesperson helps them have a good experience in this regard. Therefore, a professional vendor must be able to understand and understand the needs well and solve the problem as a solution specialist.

2 - Know the product and believe it

When a seller can sell well and successfully, believing in his own product, and believing in the value and the fruits of his product and goods, and his service. As long as you do not dominate the product you are selling and have no accurate and accurate information about it, and you do not believe in your product, you can not succeed in it! Try to create distinctive and unique points for your product, or know these points, and thereby increase your beliefs and customers to the product.

3 - Do not let you ((no)) say

The seller will not succeed in telling him (no). If the customer tells you ((no)) if he needs you, he usually does not rent him to return to your place. The seller will not let the customer tell him (no). The maximum negotiation space that the customer says is: No! Now not! Here, no! ... then provides a situation where there is always the possibility of a customer return.

4 - Know your industry and class

An efficient vendor must know the industry and class itself, recognize competitors, recognize similar products, fully recognize the advantages and disadvantages and strengths of the industry, products and competitors, and relate to individuals and brands and related industries. And his job is full knowledge.

5. Have a positive attitude and motivation

One of the most important and important processes in sales is attitude. Positive and enthusiastic attitude is not only an important factor in communicating but also has a significant impact on the experiences and achievement of customer confidence. When your attitude toward the product and the sale is positive, you can pass this attitude to the buyer and, when your attitude toward the subject is negative, of course, this energy will be passed on to others.

Motivation is also an important factor in sales. A vendor does not sell his sales to the terms of work, catalogs, advertisements, etc. His motivation is the best selling factor, and he accepts and understands the dealer's mind and mind that he prepares for everything and gives him Energy brings energy to its goals and aspirations.

6 - Identify your customer

Who do you want to sell? This is an important question that you should ask yourself and answer for that. You need to know who your actual audience is by segmenting the market. Who are your customers? Who are the most profitable for you? Who will be your loyal and permanent customer? Draw their biographies and investigate where they are or who are the closest of these people to you? Find the same! Now, your marketing and advertising is also easier because you know who to advertise for and how to get notified.

7. Be in front of the customer's eye

To connect and market, we need to be in the eyes of the customer. Advertising and marketing and promotion programs are all being repeated. So you have to be impressive and in front of the eye! Make it easy and easy to get your way. You can and should use the parasitic marketing and marketing features of viral and contagious. Bring your eye-catching appearance to unique products and services, and then automatically ask your audience to promote you and introduce them to your mouth in the mouth.


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