PowerPoint Professional Remote

PowerPoint Professional Remote

Version 1.0
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PowerPoint Professional Remote

With the ability to display slides on the phone

Control your PowerPoint file from your mobile phone and take notes and see PowerPoint slides on your phone. To download the computer program that complements this program, go to the dabira.ir website and download and download the relevant software on your computer. Suitable for conferences, conferences, and student camps, students, teachers and students
Advantages of this software compared to other similar software: compact and lightweight, easy to use and slideshows on the phone.

attention attention

Those who have an IP problem must comply with the following to ensure that there is a remote and computer connection:

1. Both the phone and the computer are on a network

2- The Windows Firewall must be disabled (if you use an antivirus, the anti-virus firewall must also be disabled)

3. If you do not use Wifi, you should use the Portable Hotspot

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