Best Flashlight LED

Best Flashlight LED

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Best Flashlight application offers many options! It contains different light simulators that are very bright and may be useful in miscellaneous situations. And it's free!

With our free Best Flashlight (torch) you can choose from various modes of lights. Check all light effects:
• LED - compatible with smartphones and tablets that have camera LED light, brightest glow light,
• Screen - bright light illuminates from the device's screen (uses less battery power than LED),
• Police - typical red and blue emergency light used by police vehicles,
• Warning - red flashing lights that imitates real warning sign,
• Colorful - slide through the screen to change the color of light,
• Strobe - blinking lights with adjustable intervals (not suitable for photosensitive epileptics),
• Bulb - all possible colors that illuminates from virtual bright light bulb.

Best Flashlight is an user-friendly torch and nicely designed utility, which allows users to bright up the darkness. Now you don't need a real torch.
It doesn't matter anymore if your mobile device has a LED light, Best Flashlight is the only lighting tool you will ever need.

Best Flashlight LED instantly turns your device into a bright flashlight. Try this useful tool!

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