Pip collage maker -  3d collage, photo editor

Pip collage maker - 3d collage, photo editor

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Are you looking for a photo collage app that creates the best photos?
Pip collage maker is a great choice for you!

Pip collage maker - 3d collages, photo editor is a great application for creating collages with multiple photos, editing photos with unique text and stickers
Pip collage maker offers a wide selection of filters, mirror effects, glitch photos, stickers to beautify your images.
Just select a photo, collage maker will create an interesting collage very quickly. You can choose the theme of collage you like in the library of the application, change the background image, add text, and sticker ... You have your own unique collage set.

*** Main feature:

* PIP Collage maker
● Create Pip collages with beautiful and high-quality image layouts
● Create collages from many different images.
● 100 Layout with for you to unleash your creativity and download
● Lots of Backgrounds, Stickers, Fonts included in the application to beautify your photos
● Customize background images with powerful tools.

* 3D collage maker
● Create unique collages from many beautiful 3D layouts
● Collage photos from 4 different images
● 50+ awesome 3D photo layouts

* Photo editor
● Customize blur, mosaic, color splash, brush
● Add filter effects, mirror-image effects, glitch photo, sticker, text to photos, make your photos more beautiful than ever
● Crop images according to different aspect ratios.
● Save images in high resolution.

* Photo eraser
● Eraser feature to crop the photo and make the background of the photo transparent.
● The resulting images will be used to blend into other images

* Photo shape:
● Change the style of your photos with interesting visual effects: Alphabet, Number, Animal, Flower, Fruit
● 100+ Shapes photo effects

* Save and share
● Save your collages with high quality
● Share photos with your relatives and friends via social networks, messages, emails ...

Pip Collage maker - 3d collage, photo editor is a collage editor with very good effects and stickers.
Download the app to experience and create your collages now.
Rate it 5 stars and email if you need assistance
Thank you very much

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