Text Decoration - stylish text

Text Decoration - stylish text

نسخهٔ ۴.۱
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی ابزارها
حجم ۶ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۳۰ آذر ۹۹
Text Decoration - stylish text

Text Decoration - stylish text

نسخهٔ ۴.۱
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی ابزارها
حجم ۶ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۳۰ آذر ۹۹
مشاهده‌ی نتایج بررسی آنتی‌ویروس

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✿ Why do you choose the application of speech decoration ?? Follow me 🚶‍♂🚶‍♀🏃‍♂🏃‍♀
✿ Speech decoration is one of the highest and best decoration programs and it embosses texts and names Arabic and English in a professional and distinct from other applications:
What distinguishes this application is that it contains distinctive and wonderful decorations ..
❊ Arabic text decoration easy to connect to the decoration screen that contains many distinctive motifs
❊ Decoration of English texts in a distinctive manner and many forms and beautiful symbols
❊ Contains more than 93 distinct shapes and patterns for name decoration
❊ In the application of speech decoration there is a special screen for the distinctive and expressive forms of moods

The application contains a lot of symbols and forms easy to copy and paste anywhere with friends, the symbols are easy to copy
☆ You can copy and share the text and name with ease

How the application works

The main screen contains
Arabic ornament: Contains distinctive motifs for the Arabic text and also can modify the text before and after the ornament ℜ
English decoration: We intend on the most beautiful and clear decorations of the English sentences in a distinctive and wonderful way, I hope you like it
Name decoration: You can write your name in the designated place and click on the "decoration" button to decorate the name and choose what you like from the existing decorations
A screen with distinctive and wonderful ♥ icons that are easy to copy ♥
A special interface for the shapes contains funny, distinctive and expressive shapes. You can copy or modify them before copying and sharing them through "Facebook", "Whatsapp", "Decorative keyboard". You can send the form to the right person or share it on Facebook, your loved ones and your best friends.

✋ ★ Keywords ★ ✋

* Arabic decoration * English decoration * Name decoration * Symbols and shapes,
Arabic decoration: The application contains very distinctive shapes of decoration carefully selected, such as the decoration of Arabic texts, names and English. You can easily share and copy the text easily and paste it anywhere you want with friends.
❂ English decoration: the application contains many distinctive English motifs, you can write the name or text in an English language and press the decoration button to be decorated and the decoration appears and you see what suits you to copy it.
Symbols and Shapes: A special interface for symbols and shapes. You can copy the shape or symbol you want and send it to the right person and share it with friends.

I hope you like it

In the event that there are any comments or face a problem within the application, contact us
Via e-mail from within the application "in the side menu" choose contact us and send us your message
I hope you evaluate the application with five stars and share it with friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and all social media applications
Your support for us by publishing and sharing the application encourages us to continuously develop the application

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