CS Scanner- Free PDF, Kagaz, & Documents Scanner

CS Scanner- Free PDF, Kagaz, & Documents Scanner

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CS Scanner- Free PDF, Kagaz, & Documents Scanner

CS Scanner- Free PDF, Kagaz, & Documents Scanner

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If you looking for free documents Scanner or the Best alternative app of Can Scanner(CS). So now your wait has been over with the CS Scanner. CS Scanner is a made in India free Documents Scanner App to PDF Scanner, College Assignment Scanner, Office Documents Scanner, Personal Documents, Invoices, Car Documents, Bill Scanner and as well PDF Converter & QR Code Generator.

We are creating a new revolutionary App for Mobile Documents Scanning World. CS Scanner is a very easy document scanner app.

Let’s take a tour of Cam Scanner, a Docs Scanner alternative that has more attractive features.
1. Scan Any Documents
2. Scan Any PDF
3. Docs to PDF Converter
4. Enhance the quality of your scanned docs with one click
5. Optimize your PDF into different modes like back/white, Light, Color, & Dark Mode.
6. Enhance PDF/Docs sharpness & Clearness
7. Scan your Docs with auto Cropping Features
8. This Indian Docs Scanner app can scan any type of paper, receipts, books 9. pages, articles, business cards & Class notes, etc
10. Create a QR code/Barcode
11. Easy to share your documents with friends
12. Print and email the scanned docs directly from the mobile app
13. Share your scanned QR Code
14. Upload your all documents on the cloud-like Google Drive, Dropbox
15. Manage your docs in different size from A1 to A6 Size
16. Use Custom watermarks for your all documents
17. Best Document Scanner Scans & Saved in your device

Why you should download CS Scanner:
1. Best made in Indian alternative of Cam Scanner App
2. Free Docs Scanner - Easily Scan all kind of documents and papers
3. Very easy convert image to PDF with amazing CS Scanner
4. India’s best PDF Creator App
5. Easy Scan & Share to anyone and anywhere
6. Superfast Kagaz, Documents & PDF Reader App
7. CS Scanner Completely Free to Use
8. No Signup Required
9. Fast Document Scanner App

CS Scanner Features
1. CS Scanner has all the features that a scanner requires
2. Best Portable Document Scanner
3. Free paper/kagaz Scanner App
4. Best Document Scanner & PDF Converter App
5. PDF Document Scanner with Edge Detection features
6. All types of Doc Scan - Scan in color, Grey, Sky Blue.
7. Easy & Instant Scanner with a print out documents in any size like A1, A2, A3, A4, etc
8. Convert scanned images to the best quality PDF file.
9. QR Code Scanner - This app also has a QR Code Scanner & Bar-code Scanner
10. OCR Text Recognition
11. Images to PDF Converter
12. Remove grain/noise from old documents/pictures

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