PDF Reader - Fast PDF Viewer

PDF Reader - Fast PDF Viewer

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PDF Reader - search, read and view all PDF files on your device

The application manages and displays all PDF files on a single screen. It is a simple but very useful tool for working with PDF files.

PDF Reader & Viewer features:

- Automatically search and display all PDF files in your device
- Search a PDF file by part of the title
- Minimum app size and minimum device requirements
- Changing the scale of the document
- Night mode for comfortable reading at night
- Vertical and horizontal orientation of the screen
- Large PDF file supports
- Quick jump to the necessary page
- Print PDF files from your device directly
- Simple settings and interface

PDF Reader & Viewer works offline without internet connection. It is designed to read PDF files anytime, anywhere. The simple interface will be understandable from the first minute of use. Reader functionality will surprise you with its completeness and wide capabilities.

The minimum size and system requirements of PDF Reader & Viewer allow you to work even on slow android devices.

For reading e-books or viewing documents in PDF format, for office work or home use - PDF Reader & Viewer will become your every day assistant.