Document Reader & Viewer App

Document Reader & Viewer App

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Document Reader & Viewer App

Document Reader & Viewer App

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نسخهٔ ۱.۹.۱۹
نصب +۲۰ هزار
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حجم ۱۷ مگابایت
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Read documents anytime, anywhere!
All Document reader app is a FREE office app. It's used to manage and read PDF, Excel Sheet, PowerPoint, and Words files. View, Read, Share & Print office documents on your phone. This is a smart document viewer for Word, PDF, PPT, and Excel. Document reader work across all android devices without the internet. Document viewing is now no more difficult, download the powerful document reader app and read documents quickly.

All document reader for android is simple and reliable, so you can easily keep in touch with your documents, notes, and eBook. All file reader apps provide search options, Quickly find any desired document with the simple search option. This is all in one document reader and editor app. The Powerful document reader app allows you to manage documents in one place

PDF Reader & PDF Viewer
All document reader for android allows you to read PDF file quickly. View PDFs document easily with the simple PDF reader app. This is an excellent all-file reader application for file reading. View PDF in dark mode with the best Document viewer app. The free PDF viewer app manages your all PDF in one place, which is easily accessible for you to read PDFs. Fast document reader and PDF reader app for reading PDF files in a smart way.

-Advance PDF manager.
-Power full PDF reader app.
-Excellent PDF viewer for android.
-Read PDF books in Dark mode.
-Open PDFs, view, and share files.
-Print PDFs Files easily.
-Offline pdf book reader app.

Word Reader
All document reader app can easily manage and read word documents in one place. Powerful Docx reader app for reading word documents. Word document viewer app is a simple and fast office app to read Docx format quickly. Docx file opener app supports viewing of Word documents. Document Reader - Excel, Word, PDF App helps you read documents easily. All document viewer app to manage all eBooks.

-Fast document reader for Doc file.
-Advance word document manager.
-Simple Docx reader app.
-Excellent word reader for android.
-Read word document in Dark mode.
-offline word reader app.

Excel Viewer & Sheet Viewer
Fast Document viewer allows you to view XLSX files, sheets and manage excel files in one place. You can easily open the XLSx sheet with the XLSx file opener app. This excel viewer is a simple and convenient document viewer for your phone. Open Excel sheet quickly with best document reader app.

-Powerful excel viewer for android.
-View xlsx files in dark mode.
-Excellent excel reader app.
-Read and share xlsx files.

View PPTX Slide
Easily open PowerPoint and PPT slides, presentations documents on phone.

The document reader app brings your PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint all in one application. Use this office app to view, read, share and print PDF, Docx, XLSX Sheet, and PPT files. This Doc Reader app offers easy viewing of Office documents. This document viewer all docs is the One Place for manage all of Your Documents. This document reader is so easy and useful office application.

Features of DOCs 360
-Powerful Document reader app.
-Manage all Documents on your device.
-Support all document formats, PDF, Word, XLSX Sheet, PPT.
-Bookmark documents for future reference.
-View document in Dark mode.
-Read and Share documents quickly.
-Search and get all documents easily.
-Vertical and Horizontal view
-Simple All document viewer app.
-Document printer help you print files conveniently
-Lightweight and perfect document reader app.

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