Document Reader: Mobile Office

Document Reader: Mobile Office

نسخهٔ 2.0.6
Install +100
دسته‌بندی Tools
حجم 19 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2023 October 31
Document Reader: Mobile Office

Document Reader: Mobile Office

BigQ Group
نسخهٔ 2.0.6
Install +100
دسته‌بندی Tools
حجم 19 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2023 October 31
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📚 All Document Reader - Mobile Office Suite Free provides features to read many document formats without the need for other applications such as Word (doc, Docx), Sheet (Xls, Xlsx), Slide (ppt, Pptx), PDF, and TXT. Besides Document Reader also manages and organizes all document files on your device.

📚 By using the Document Reader, you can view all your office documents under one tool. You don't need to install multiple apps to open document files on different platforms. This is a simple, fast, and lightweight application specially designed for people who want to view their documents in one app. This application allows users to manage their documents. The file opening process is too quick and its interactive layout makes this application a pleasure.

📚 Read all file types and supports a wide variety of formats for open files as new message openers, file openers for all types of file formats, and PDF viewer applications are supported.

🌟 Read all document formats
🌟 PPT reader, PPTX reader, Doc reader, Docx reader, TXT reader, Xls reader, Xlsx reader, and PDF reader... All in one.
🌟 PDF Document : PDF Reader & PDF Viewer
🌟 Print documents quickly with the PDF printer
🌟 PPT, PPTX, Doc, Docx, TXT, Xls, Xlsx, and PDF reader for Android devices
🌟 Support to manage and read PDF, Txt, PPT files ...
🌟 Share documents with different applications
🌟 Easily search for documents from internal as well as external memory.
🌟 Save your file opening history
🌟 Pin your document with Bookmark
🌟 Print settings are easy with the PDF printer in the app
🌟 Document reader supports 25 languages for users to easily use the application to read document files in the best way

PDF Viewer / PDF Reader
💡 Reading PDF files is easy, just tap tap and done
💡 PDF reader: Find, manage, and share PDF files.
💡 The PDF file view lets you swipe horizontally and vertically for the perfect view

Excel Viewer - Excel Reader
💡 Xls viewer reads all excel file formats
💡 View Xls, Xlsx files with a high-quality view
💡 Xlsx file reader or Xls file viewer does not require any internet connection to watch

Document Viewer / Document Reader
💡 Docx reader or Docx viewer is the best and fastest way to read Word documents on your mobile phone. Word view is a simple and lightweight application. Docx file reader shows all formats of documents in the best way.

Document manager
💡 Office PDF Document Viewer lets you manage and organize all of your document files in folder structure view.
💡 All documentation files are also available in one place that is easy to find and view.

📚 Document viewer - The all-in-one PDF document reader is a complete set of office tools that can read/view all your document formats with ease.

Download All Document Reader - Mobile Office Suite Free NOW and enjoy many advanced features. 🔥🔥🔥

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