Docx Reader Word Office viewer

Docx Reader Word Office viewer

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Docx Reader Word Office viewer

Docx Reader Word Office viewer

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Docx File Reader - Word Document Office Reader & Viewer is an app that works like all file reader app and supports many formats such as “docx, doc, xlsx, pptx, txt & PDF ”. This simple and smart document reader app can help user to view word documents on smart phone. You can browse through all of your word file documents and easily view all docx file with a single tap on it.

Docx file viewer is a high quality word reader app with which user can easily read all data and can view images, tables and different type of font styles. Before this smart docx file reader app sharing documents was not easy. You just need to select the file and click on share button to share it with your social circle. Docx files can be viewed and emailed as well.

The other main reason of having this word file opener app is that this docx file viewer has the simplest and elegant interface. This word file reader app enlists all the files with “.docx” and “.doc” format in a single screen so that the user may easily scroll through it and view the docx file.

Features of Word File Opener App:

Interface: Docx file reader app has the simplest interface for the convenience of the user. Users will have all the control to view docx file.

Viewing Mode: The best feature of the docx file reader app is “Viewing Mode”. Four viewing modes are given in the app to view word file “Single, Double, Reading & Cover”. In “Single” view mode single page of docx file can be viewed. “Double” view mode shows two pages of docx file at same time. “Reading” mode is added for the people with weak eye sight. By selecting “Reading” mode the docx file zooms in to view words clearly in that file.

Document Printing: Printing document is made easy for its users. You may directly tap on Print button to print docx file. Connect your device with printer via wifi or bluetooth to start print documents.

Document Sharing: Very smart and easy way added to share documents with your social circle. Emailing document was not that easy before. User may email docx file anytime.

Portrait/Landscape Mode: Docx file viewer has an option to view document in portrait or landscape mode.

Crop Pages: Pages of docx file can be cropped to view word file more clearly.

Other Features:
- docx file can be searched easily.
- User may sort files by name, date & docx file size.
- Duplicate copy of docx file can be created.
- Easy file sharing.
- Wifi/Data connection is not required to view docx file.
- Easy to use.

Additional Features:
Xlsx File Reader:
Xlsx file viewer is added as an additional feature for its user. User can manage and view spreadsheets of excel files. The app supports “.xlsx & .xls” file formats. Simple interface of the app enlists all xlsx files in a single frame. User can scroll through or simply serach file with the file name to view.

PDF File Reader:
Docx File Reader app supports PD F format as well. The app has a feature to view PDF files using PDF file reader feature. PDF Files screen lists all the pdf files stored in the storage of smart phone. User may easily view manage and share PDF files.

PPTX File Viewer/Slides Viewer:
PPTX file opener feature can show “.pptx” format file. Scrolling through slideshow is very easy. Quickly opens ppt and pptx files.

Txt File Reader:
Txt file reader supports “.txt” file extension. User can view plain text files with this smart txt file reader feature. Reading text from this txt file reader feature is simply easy.

Docx File Reader - Word Document Office Reader & Viewer is a complete package app which supports mostly all the necessary document formats such as “PDF, docx, pptx, xlsx, & txt”. All Files can be viewed in a same app and can be shared as well. Download this complete all file reader app to view and manage your documents anytime. We welcome suggestions feel free to contact us.

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