Document Reader PDF Word & XLS

Document Reader PDF Word & XLS

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Document Reader PDF Word & XLS

Document Reader PDF Word & XLS

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Want an ultimate Document Reader: Word, XLSX & PDF reader app.
Are you looking for Document reader that suffices all your work needs? Single Document reader that searches and read all document in office view, well! All document reader app is nothing but your granted wish. It’s all in one document viewer app which works for all formats. Whether you want to read a book in Pdf. Manage worksheet in excel, want to see a preview of your slides in ppt format, or just view your office word document free. Now you don’t need multiple apps for Office word documents because Document reader app is designed to amp your productivity and save time. Doc word reader app is compatible with all office viewer formats including DOCS Reader, TXT, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, and PDF Reader.

📚 Document manager - All file viewer
✔ All document reader including PDF file, PowerPoint, Word docs, Excel, are managed and organized in folder structure view.
✔ In document app all files are organized in one place.
✔ Doc reader making it easy to search and sort documents with sort option.
✔ Document viewer for android gives you a full-screen page to page view of Word reader, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and PDF Reader file.

📚 PDF Reader & Viewer
✔ Open & view PDF files with Document App.
✔ Simple and easy to sort list of PDF word.
✔ Search, scroll, zoom in/out and rename PDF files.
✔ Easily print and share, read PDF document through another app.
✔ Read PDF files as a book.

📚 Word Document reader - All File viewer
✔ Docs viewer brings elegant and easy to use screen view with multiple features.
✔ With the simple search option you could find any desired word docx file,

📚 Office Excel - xlsx all file reader
✔ XLSX viewer search and view all excel file formats with high quality full screen page to page view.

📚 PowerPoint: PPTX File reader
✔ Document reader support all PPT and PPTX viewer with efficiency, search, and delete, all document files easily.
✔ Document Viewer allows sharing your docs with single click.
✔ You can arrange, share and rename PowerPoint (PPT and PPTX viewer) from this All Document Reader.

📚 Document Reader: Supported All Formats
✔ PDF files: PDF Reader and PDF Viewer
✔ Office word document: DOCX, Word DOCS
✔ Office Excel: XLS, XLSX
✔ PowerPoint: PPT and PPTX viewer
✔ Txt file format and zip files

📚 QR Code Scanner
✔ Document Reader: PDF, Word, XLSX app also provides you the best QR code scanner.

📚 Access from Google Drive
✔ Document Reader: PDF, Word, XLSX access all files from Google drive by simply signing in to Google.
✔ You can easily view and read documents in doc app.
✔ Document viewer, file downloader, office word reader, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx and pdf word reader in one light weight doc’s reader app.

Keep your office in your pocket with Document Reader: PDF, Word, XLSX Document app can manage your all documents like viewing Business invoice, traveling ticket read, study notes etc. Document viewer works as a file opener. You can use word docs file viewer frequently, no matter you are at home, office, university, or everywhere. Docx reader can help you to easily read, view and manage all document files on your device.

All in one Document reader that suffices your needs Document manager has unmatched stability, and vibrant design, easy to use interface. Document reader allows you to manage all your docs which support all file formats (docs, excel, PowerPoint pdf reader) and much more. PDF viewer is also an eye catcher for all the book worms out there. Just download Document Reader: PDF, Word, XLSX and start working like a professional.

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