PDF Scanner App

PDF Scanner App

Version 2.0.26
Install +2 K
Category Education
Size 45 MB
Last Update 2024 May 31
PDF Scanner App

PDF Scanner App

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Version 2.0.26
Install +2 K
Category Education
Size 45 MB
Last Update 2024 May 31
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PDF Scanner App is your go-to solution for quick document scanning. It's a digital scanner designed to generate PDFs with ease. No matter what type of paper you have. Document scanner app converts it with auto-cropping. Share your scanned documents in PDF or JPEG formats. Now simplify your life with PDF Scanner - a simple and effective way to manage your paperwork.

Key Features of PDF Scanner App:
• Paper scanner automatically detects edges.
• Camera scanner enhances the scan quality.
• Import existing files from your phone storage.
• Rename, add, or delete pages with a page scanner.
• Transform images into digital memories.
• Bookmark your important scans for quick access.
• Merge multiple pages or images into a single PDF file.
• Print PDF scans directly from the app.
• Collaborate and share your PDF documents.
• Save your scans to a gallery or drive for easy access.

Efficient Scanning:
Digitize documents, receipts, invoices, notes, or any paper material. Camera Scanner can transform physical paperwork into digital assets.

Powerful Document Scanner:
Scan multiple pages with ease, creating organized and structured PDF files. Unleash the full potential of document scanner PDF to handle your paperwork like never before.

Enhanced Quality:
Use multiple filters to enhance scanned documents according to your needs. A portable scanner app is also useful to digitize images and save them as PDF files.

File Management:
Rename, delete, and organize files with the PDF Scanner app. Scan documents and take control of your scans by organizing them in a single place.

Export Files in Multiple Formats:
Document Scanner for Android lets you export documents in multiple formats. Choose from a range of export options, including PDF and JPEG, for personalized document management.

Share PDF Scans:
Share PDF scans easily with friends and family. You can save them to the gallery or drive for future use. Scan documents and share them as digital files with a few taps.

Storage: PDF Scanner requires permission to access storage and store scanned files on your device.
Camera: The app utilizes your device's camera for efficient document scanning.

Elevate your scanning experience with PDF Scanner for Android! If you have ideas or suggestions? Reach out to us at support@appswingstudio.com.

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