PDF Scanner: Document Scanner

PDF Scanner: Document Scanner

Version 2.0.12
Install +1 K
Category Education
Size 10 MB
Last Update 2022 October 18
PDF Scanner: Document Scanner

PDF Scanner: Document Scanner

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Version 2.0.12
Install +1 K
Category Education
Size 10 MB
Last Update 2022 October 18
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PDF Scanner - Document Scanner App that turns your device into an HD scanner. Using the PDF Scanner App, you can scan any paper into a digital document. The Document Scanner app uses real-time edge detection to capture images. This Camera Scanner is right according to the latest technology and knows the user's needs. You can keep an entire office in your pocket with this Doc Scanner and increase your productivity at work. Use a PDF Scanner - Document Scanner to manage administration.

PDF Scanner app has all the functions you need:
• Mobile Camera scanner app, automatically removes the messy background.
• Photo scan enhances the scan quality automatically and manually.
• Doc scanner can quickly turn into a clear electronic draft.
• Scan color, grayscale, magic, or black and white.
• Automatically detects the border of the page.
• The camera scanner can be used in the office, school, home, and anywhere.
• Thumbnail or list view, sorted by date or title.
• Simple scans are optimized and run very fast.
• Multi-page PDF and scan to PDF.
• Quick search by document title.

Download this PDF Scanner App - Document Scanner and enjoy all its features.
Digitize Document:
• Scan to PDF and convert all kinds of paper into Digitized Documents.
• Doc Scanner can convert all receipts, invoices, notes, and any other paper document.
• So now easily scan & convert all kinds of documents to digitize PDF format with a simple tap.

HD Scan Quality:
• Its precise edge detection, smart cropping, and auto enhancement features for quality scans.
• Photo scan that lets you scan and save your favorite photos by using a photo scanner app
• Simple Scanner can also be automatically enhanced to ensure clear text and graphics.
• Multiple filter options are also provided to further optimize the scan results.

Quick Search:
• When you have a lot of documents, you can use tags to sort and find them easily.
• In addition, OCR for Search helps you find text within images and notes.
• Just enter a keyword, and you can quickly find the document you want.

• Easily share PDF or JPEG documents with friends in a variety of ways.
• Export your document scan to PDF or PNG formats!
• Post to social media or send attachments with a doc scan.

File Management Tools:
• Supports creating subfolders to help you categorize messy documents.
• Searching and sorting features can help you quickly find the document you want.

Document Editing:
• Photo scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents
• PDF Scanner app allows you to add or delete one page or the entire document.
• In this Doc Scan you can also adjust the layout of documents.

• The advanced editing feature allows you to add annotations to the scan results.
• Document Scanner also conveniently reviews and marks the scanned documents.

Document Scanner App can be used in any case:
Passports, IDs, driving licenses
Bank cards
Official documents
Hand-written notes

Permissions Used in PDF Scanner - Document Scanner App:
Storage: Needs this permission to read photos from Gallery.
Camera: Needs this permission to use the camera to scan docs.

We pride ourselves on creating apps that help millions of users around the world and, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of quality and privacy. We love to hear your feedback: appswingstudio@gmail.com.

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