Screen Mirroring - 1001 TVs

Screen Mirroring - 1001 TVs

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Last Update 2023 September 19
Screen Mirroring - 1001 TVs

Screen Mirroring - 1001 TVs

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Install +5 K
Category Tools
Size 37 MB
Last Update 2023 September 19
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This is phone/tablet app, please install it on the phone/tablet.

1001 TVs is a superpower tool to connect any wireless device by sharing the same screen. It's a convenient and practical screen mirroring app for all tv, which supports mirroring Android screen to smart TV, including Roku TV, Fire TV, Chormecast, casting Android screen to computer, and mirroring to the web browser. Enjoy the online courses, office meetings, live TV, mobile games, album videos, or other apps on your smart TV screen instead of the small phone screen.

Key Features:
Mirror Screen to Any Android TV
This is a Smart TV Cast, that helps you wirelessly mirror the smartphone and tablet to TV, including Roku TV, Fire TV, TCL, Samsung, Sony, etc. Launch the app on the TV, use the mobile app to scan the QR code, and the phone screen will appear on the TV!
*Cast from Windows PC to Windows/Mac is also supported!
Mirror to Chromecast
With this Android app, you can share your phone screen and view it through a web browser or Chromecast on any other device(Windows/Mac/Tablet/TV) with the same Wi-Fi.
This method is very simple: just navigate to the URL on the target device. No need to install other software.
YouTube Streaming
Select videos on the YouTube page, then select a TV device, then your video will be played on a smart TV, no need to install the YouTube app on your phone. Streaming to TV is easier than you think!
Project Screen to Windows PC
Run it after downloading from the official website, and use the phone's app to scan the QR Code, it works! The phone screen is displayed on the PC!
Cast from Windows PC to Windows/Mac is also supported!
File Transfer
Fast and simple to transfer all your files to the target device. File sharing is made easy! Transferring a PDF file from Sender to Receiver in a real time.
Cast to Any UPNP/DLNA Compatible Media Player
Select a media file on your phone to stream, the TV will play the video, and the photo will be displayed as a slideshow.
Digital Photo Album
Transfer photos and famous paintings from phone to TV, then enjoy the slide show, just like in a gallery.

Supported Devices:
✅Windows & Mac
✅iOS& Android
✅Smart TV: Roku TV, Fire TV, Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, TCL, Philips, Hisense, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

User Cases:
💡Share screen with TV: Free trial mirror app for Android to TV mirroring. Connet your mobile to TV with one tap.
💡Play games: You can now play on tv screen! When playing the games, mirroring the screen to TV, the visual effect is more exciting.
💡DLNA: Cast photos/images and short videos from your phone to your smart TV, enjoy the big screen!
💡Movie: Stream movies to a smart TV, enjoy the cinema experience!
💡Music: Play music on TV from phone.
💡Online Class/ Education: It's harmful to children's eyes to watch videos on a cellphone, it's much better to mirror live class on the TV screen.
💡Read: It also supports you reading ebooks or news on TV when streaming ebooks to TV.
💡Training: Project the screen of the Fitness App onto the TV and watch TV while exercising.
💡Business meetings: It's easy to wirelessly cast PowerPoint, Excel, and any other documents you want so that your colleagues can easily see them on the big TV screen.
💡Research stock market: Supports you to research data and charts on the TV screen. That will be more convenient and comfortable.
💡Cast video chat: Help you to video chat with friends on the TV screen.
💡Live streaming from Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc: With 1001 TVs you can enjoy uploaded videos, query viewing history, and the latest favorite channels on a big TV screen.

❤️Thank you for downloading the 1001 TVs screen mirroring application. For any other feedback, please feel free to contact us at and our official website:

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