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Smart Secretary

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Smart Secretary

An All-in-one application for all your auto-response needs


Someone calls or texts you while you’re asleep, and you definitely can’t answer them that moment. So you call or text them back later on to find out what they wanted to tell you.

Or imagine you’re at a meeting and they call or text you repeatedly. Obviously you can’t interrupt the meeting just to answer some casual call.

Or think of this scenario that you’ve got customers who get on your nerves and want your credit card number all the time.

Things like this happen all the time, so we’ve designed this application to solve them the way you deserve.


About the application:

- Your cellphone goes silent directly after running the application.

- We’ve brought a beautiful UI for you which is compatible with all cellphones and phone tablets.

- No crashes.

- You can create different messages for auto-response texts or calls.

- You can choose whether to auto-respond texts, calls, or both.

- You can change the call ringtone profile to “Normal”, “Silent” or “Vibrate” while the application is running.

- You can delay the auto-response time.

- You can archive all the texts seen.

- Notifications to notify you of things happened.

- You can text only special people.

- Blacklist and Whitelist

- The ability to repeat the application’s response

- Backup and restoring data

- Exporting as Microsoft Excel files

- Exporting log file

- Two light and dark themes

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