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Please read the description


Description Details:


Have you ever have any Dyqh Syrysh a pesky alarm going off and cause Azabtvn to the JIT?

Well before I remembered!

With this program you can put that number into the black list or just annoying, let's Blacklist

This app gives you the ability to:

It is also equipped with a white list! what does it mean???

Or even disable all incoming calls!

Please be sure to read the program guide.


A more complete description:

black list:

Adding numbers to the blacklist:

To add numbers to the black list, first click "black list" Icons Add Touch, then touch. The box appears as annoying person asking you write your name and click "Add" icon. the setting marked with icons go.

White list:

When you enter your number to the black list command would like to see the rest of the numbers except the numbers to reject.

Adding numbers to the white list:

To add numbers to the white list, first click the "white list" Icons Add Touch, then touch. Other steps such as adding a number to the black list


The program settings are marked with icons settings. The program has some settings that the "block all calls" is known to change its state from off to clear all incoming calls will be denied without exception. You will see another part called "subscriber number in the network is not available" it is recognized that the switch to turn it off when you call the person the message "No network subscriber number" will be heard.

Call History:

The program is marked with icons Call History list. Call history with a list of contacts that the application is rejected. You can find out who is on what date and time a call has been rejected by the program.

Fix potential problems

When you came to my plan work?

Tell that are off!

It's amazing to let you have the possibility to purchase facilities

After a hard beep off!

This depends on phone model and your phone's security

Dual SIM Gvshym do not answer !!

There's nothing to do with SIM cards, which let's you number the black list as soon as the call will be rejected, the matter is not in a SIM or dual SIM

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