oonbama - online market services

oonbama - online market services

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Oon Bama intelligent service request system. Users can request the services they need at any time of the day or night, through the site or application. The service tariff in this system is very transparent and it is possible to access the specialists and choose one of them at the desired time. Its specialists with us have a certificate of non-addiction and no bad background, have received the necessary training and are certified and trusted by experts. Experience comfort and well-being in your life with us. In that house you can get any service you need at home or at work in less than a few minutes.

Oon Bama is currently active in Tehran but will soon be active in selected cities.

Types of services with On Bama:

Includes home and work cleaning, beauty and health services, catering and meeting services, furniture washing, carpet washing, home and car repairs, car wash, building painting, building construction services, ceramic tiles, building plumbing, repair of water coolers and Gas, installation and repair of packages, boilers and radiators and other cooling and heating systems, carpentry services, furniture, furniture repair, nursing and care for children, the disabled and the elderly, etc.

Its features include:

• Always have access to reliable and reputable professionals

• Free consultation and expertise for many services

• Transparency of prices and costs of receiving services

• Conscious selection of experts based on points and opinions of other users

• High quality of services received by experienced personnel

• Strong support at all stages of service

• Order registration and cancellation of the order is completely free

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