Photography actors

Photography actors

Version 5
1000 Tomans
+1 K
15 MB
Photography actors

Photography actors

Group programming Sadroid
Version 5
1000 Tomans
+1 K
15 MB
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The most popular Bazygrt like to take pictures? And you leave the social network to share?
Banshvn you like to give your picture with the best male and female players has surprised everyone doing?
Social Networks like you're unique?
These days too Dshvarh taking pictures with the actors? Or Pydashvn not you? Or a hard honor?
Do not worry, we will solve this problem we have collected all male and female actors in this program so that you can easily fix
Take photos and images in your album.
Just two to do:
1. The program will be
2. Enter the program you Kstv
You can not say so easily! Try.
The program includes a photo with the best male and female actors Cinema of Iran.
Male actors include:
Photo by Amin Hayaei
Photo by Mohammad Reza cemetery
Photo by Bahram Radan
Photo by M. manager
Photo by M. Ghafourian
Photo by J. Razavian
Photo by Parastooi
Photo by P. Bazeghi
Photo by young Rambod
Photo by Hamid Goudarzi
Photo by Siamak Ansari
Photo by A. Khamse
Photo by M. Tnabndh
Photo by Amir man
Photo by M. Yrahy
Photo by A. Mohammad Arab
Photo by Hamed Behdad
Photo by Shahab Hosseini
Photo by treaty Ghasemkhani
Photo by H. CD
Photo by Shahram Ghaedi
Photo by M. Seleucid
Photo by life expectancy
Photo by David Rashidi
Actresses include:
Photo by Mahnaz Afshar
Photo by Elnaz Shakerdoust
Photo by niusha zeighami
Photo by star Eskandari
Photo by Niki Karimi
Photo by Katayoun Riahi
Photo by B. Tabatabai
Photo by B. Bakhtiari
Photo by Elham Hamidi
Photo by laya zanganeh
Photo by Sahar Qureshi
Photos of Narges Mohammadi
Photo cute fairy Izadyar
Photo by Mary Bliss
Photo by Marjane Anthology
Photo by Fatemeh Goudarzi
Photo by Linda Kiani
Photo by Amir Soleimani Lasso
Our most popular program we tried to collect.
Each actor would you want to add a comment in the comments section to complete our full program.

1. Select a photo from the camera application
2. Select photos from gallery
3. storing photos
4. sharing photos on social networks
5. rotate and zoom pictures

Thank you Sadroid Programming Group.

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