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Mahmoud Karimi (born 1347 in Tehran) is an Iranian admirer. He has been a fan of numerous mourning occasions.

Mahmoud Karimi's father disappeared in the Iran-Iraq war in 1982 during Operation Fath al-Mubin, and his brother was martyred in 1986 during Operation Karbala 5 in Shalamcheh. Karimi has three other brothers. He got married in 1991 and has a son and a daughter. From 1985 to 1994, he was the educational teacher of Mohammad Montazeri Elementary School on Beheshti Street in Tehran. As a child, he built and worked as a carpenter and now works in the pottery and brick market. According to Karimi himself, he does not make a living through praise and is involved in industrial activities.

Mahmoud Karimi started lamenting at the age of 7 and praised for the first time in a mosque in Shahinshahr, Isfahan, and received a two toman prayer from his father.

He is a mourner and recites most of his lamentations. Karimi laments in the shrine of Imamzadeh Ali Akbar Chizar in the company of Islamic warriors. In 1391, he sang a lament in Hosseineh Chizar with Sanj and Dammam, which was noticed.

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