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Sadegh Ahangaran, whose full name was Mohammad Sadegh Ahangari, was born in Ahvaz in 1336. His parents had migrated to Ahvaz from Dezful. His childhood and adolescence were spent in the city of Ahvaz. Ahangaran began his eulogy as a teenager by singing in religious groups. At the time of the revolution, he was a slogan and after the revolution, he worked in the Islamic Revolutionary Committee and later joined the Revolutionary Guards with the establishment of this body.

Ahangaran got married in 1980 at the age of 23 and currently has 3 sons and a daughter. During the Iran-Iraq war, during military operations, he would recite inter-prayer prayers, complete prayers, and recite praises at the breast-feeding ceremony. The first lament of him that was broadcast nationwide was the lament of "O martyrs, peace be upon the blood of Khuzestan" composed by Habibaullah Moalemi, which was sung in Jamaran in the presence of Ruhollah Khomeini, and this performance was broadcast several times on Iranian television on the same day. .

Features and capabilities of the upcoming program:

Beautiful user interface

High quality songs

Ability to move songs back and forth

Ability to play offline without the need for the Internet

Appropriate volume of the program


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