Praise of Haj Bassem Karbalaei

Praise of Haj Bassem Karbalaei

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Bassem Karbalaei (born November 11, 1966) is an Iraqi singer and songwriter. He immigrated to Iran from Iraq in 1980. After the fall of Saddam Hussein, he returned to Iraq and began a new round of his career.

He served in the Husseini processions as a child and was very interested in praising Hamza al-Saghir and eager to praise himself. For this reason, he comes to Iran and learns the Quran and its sounds well in Isfahan for five years. Then he goes to a person named Mullah Taghi Karbalaei to ask him for help. Bassem learns two poems from Mullah Taqi.

Some features of the program:

✔Ability to play songs in the background of the phone

.Ability to play songs automatically and in tandem

✔ Ability to play, repeat and pause songs

✔ Can be installed on all mobile phones

بسیار Very simple and smooth user interface

آ Offline music playback

✔ No need for internet 

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