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504 Words EXAM is the first (and to this day the only) application available in the market that lets you test your knowledge of the words of the internationally famous book, 504 Essential Words. For the best results, it is recommended that you use this application after you have learned the words; however, you may want to take the tests while you are learning the words as well. Here are some of the distinctive features of 504 Words EXAM:

- All questions are original and so cannot be found anywhere else.
- Not only the main 504 words but also their parts of speech (e.g., noun, adjective, or adverb) are tested.
- Our timed tests make it possible for you to work under real test conditions.
- You can choose from 3 difficulty levels (easy, standard, and difficult) set for all units.
- The unique test-maker feature lets you make a customized test from the question bank. You can choose how many questions your test will contain and which lessons will be included in the test.
- You can keep track of your records (total number of questions answered, correct/incorrect answers, total time spent, best/worst scores, etc.) in the statistics section.
- You can check your answers at the end of each test, using the smart answer key feature.
- With the resume feature, you can stop in the middle of any test and later get back to where you had left.

Please send all your language-related inquires about the test items and any potential technical problems with the application to "mehrdadyousefpoorinaeim@gmail.com".


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