IELTS Vocabulary - ILVOC

IELTS Vocabulary - ILVOC

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If you want to get high score in Ielts, you need to know which words help you to be appreciated. These are must-have vocabularies for IELTS. Beside this, each word has some sentences or dialog that usually using in an IELTS exam.
App contain:
+ IELTS Tips
+ IELTS Writing examples and Tips. (IELTS model writing task 1, IELTS model writing task 2 and IELTS writing general.
+ IELTS Reading Examples and Tips
+ List of categories (IELTS Topic)
+ List of words by Topic
+ Mean and example for each words
+ Auto play for viewing words
+ Learn vocabulary from each sentences
+ Add more 100 words
+ Add audio for each vocabulary
+ Download audio to play offline
+ Add favorite vocabularies function
+ Zoom in and Zoom out article view
+ IELTS Test - IELTS Vocabulary Test

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