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LinkDesks Classic Puzzle Games
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Classic Solitaire – Enjoy the original Solitaire experience!

Play Solitaire, the classic card game that lasts forever. Immerse yourself in a fresh way in the original Solitaire brought to you by LinkDesks!

Relive the joy of Classic Solitaire Games, a common fond memory for everyone. Enjoy the offline gameplay and have fun while relaxing your mind and training your brain along the way – All for FREE!

<font color="#238DD3">GAME FEATURES</font>

♣ Classic Solitaire card game
♣ 100% free to play game
♣ Exciting challenge & events
♣ Customizable card themes
♣ Customizable backgrounds
♣ Fun daily challenges
♣ Unlimited free undo
♣ Left-handed mode
♣ Crisp and easy-to-read cards
♣ Adjustable font size
♣ 1-card or 3-card flip mode
♣ Winnable or random mode
♣ Beautiful graphics
♣ Playable online and offline
♣ No internet, no wifi required

<font color="#238DD3">HOW TO PLAY?</font>

To win Solitaire, move all cards to the four foundations. Each foundation can only hold one suit, and the cards must be sequenced from Ace to King: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jack, Queen, and King. Complete all suits—clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥), and spades (♠)—to win the game.

<font color="#8b0000"></font> An Evergreen Pastime <font color="#8b0000"></font>

Solitaire is a popular and enjoyable free game. If you're new or have forgotten how to play, don't worry! Solitaire is easy to learn and never gets boring.

<font color="#8b0000"></font> Have a for Quick Breaks <font color="#8b0000"></font>

This is a great game for a quick brain-refreshing break on the bus, in the restroom, or at the office. It's an easy-to-play retro card game. Enjoy the authentic and original Classic Solitaire and keep your brain focused while passing the time and relaxing. Say goodbye to boredom with this fun game!

Download now! This classic Solitaire game can be played online and offline, without wifi or internet connection.

* Any idea or suggestion for this Classic Solitaire game, please contact us at:

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all our cherished Solitaire enthusiasts!

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