Music to sleep by & relaxing

Music to sleep by & relaxing

Version 2.4.6
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Category Music & Audio
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Last Update 2024 January 29
Music to sleep by & relaxing

Music to sleep by & relaxing

Sleeping Music
Version 2.4.6
Install +1 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2024 January 29
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Relaxing sleep music for deep sleep, music with healing frequencies, music to sleep fast & relaxing music with rain and thunder.

Modern life with jobs makes you stressed and think a lot, leading to fatigue, tension and pressure in work and life. Do you often feel tired and stuck?

With relaxing music for sleeping, it will help you reduce stress and fatigue in life and work, prevent insomnia and help you sleep well, eliminate negative things in life, create positivity, and help you sleep well. you are healthy and relaxed.

Why does our relaxing music help you sleep and relax?

According to research, even when you are sleeping, you still hear sounds in your brain. Therefore, disturbing sounds such as urban noise, animal noises, car horns... can wake you up.
Our relaxing sounds and music will help you eliminate noise and unwanted sounds. It not only helps you relax and fall asleep, but it also helps you maintain good and deep sleep.

Relaxing sleep music will help you:
- Avoid insomnia to help you sleep well and deeply
- Relaxing sleep music reduces stress and anxiety
- Blocks disturbing sounds, helping you get a good night's sleep
- Escape from the snoring of your companions and the chatter of people around you
- Take a quick nap without being affected by surrounding noise
- Add sounds to your meditation, spa music
- Focus on work and study

Relaxing music for sleeping and deep sleep
With over 50 sounds, relaxation music, meditation music and ambient sleep sounds you can customize your own playback sounds:

- Relaxing piano music (Piano sounds, morning piano music, evening piano music, etc.)
- Natural sounds (Bird sounds, flowing water, birdsong, ocean waves, rain, thunder, etc.)
- White noise for your baby to sleep easily
- Meditation music, spa music

Great features of the application:
- Schedule sleep timer to automatically stop sounds and music
- Play sound in the background when you turn off your phone screen
- Adjust volume to different frequencies for each sound when creating your own mix
- High quality and clear relaxing sounds for a good night's sleep
- Favorite music your own way to relax and sleep
- No network required. When you download music to your phone, you can listen to music without the internet.
- Create free ringtones. The application will help you cut music and set it as ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone with your favorite music.

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If you have any questions or concerns. Please email us:

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