atrophy in 15 day demo

atrophy in 15 day demo

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in the name of God the merciful

Hello dear friends

We have tried to make this program possible ways and means to reduce body weight, reduce fat, increase endurance and resistance of the body to have a perfect life and well away from any illness (God willing) we collected for you. We hope to apply these in his life and work get in the cycle of success.

Dear friends, today, with the progress of science and technology, new ways and new weight loss and fat loss is to come, but note that many of these roads may be successful, but later they actively searching complications is unknown.

Know that the early man to the present time the only way to human health and activity and sport. Sedentary and inactivity, depression and lassitude body. More illness and disease are directly related to inactivity. It is hoped that by studying and staying away from these things always stay healthy and alive.

We explain and Don'ts eating (ie, what to eat better and what to remove from their feeding table)

How to exercise, how to achieve a specific goal and how much and when to take action.

Know that it established for fitness and regular exercise should be done daily. At least three times a week to make room for him in our daily routine. Exercising once a week is better than not exercising and a lot of positive effects on the result.

You are never under any circumstances do you overcome negative emotions and you take the program away success Ethan. Know that our brains never all the facts to make a decision "ideal" does not capture.

Pay attention to your instincts but does not let on you head.

Ask yourself, "Why did you think?" Or "Why do I feel?" This is why I wanted to eat high-calorie food? Why I do not like sports to be sure that you know me? Why I love watching movies and sit together? Why I want to be skinny, but I do not go his way? Why do you want to lounge on the sofa all my fat Bsvaznm?

Dear Friends, Please note that exercise just to lose weight and burn fat, but exercise for having strong muscles and prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, frailty and weakness Vvvv ... for all people is necessary and compulsory.

Exercise has always energetic and healthy and be more efficient in your life. If you do not think sports tired you can not do your job well, but vice versa. Sports such Srhaltan does not feel that any pain in the body of the working day. Exercise all the pains and diseases away. (Of course, after two months on a regular basis to reach this goal. If the athletes do not feel pain and soreness in the first few weeks and then will proceed no matter how you feel refreshed and agility and vitality will really enjoy and exercise range.)

If the morning after waking from sleep feeling of fatigue and weakness and pain. Exercise is necessary for you!

If you can not easily fall asleep at night and in bed with his sleeping hours. Exercise is a must for you!

If you feel stiffness in the morning and knee pain, neck pain and back pain, you should strengthen your sport!

to your loved ones and good form physically perfect and ready to learn.

With luck and health to all your loved ones

Mehdi Dastafshan

MS in physiology and sports nutrition


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