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Zistap Recycle Bin Online You can use the Zistap app to just give away a tree seedlings by pressing a few buttons and request dry waste collection by separating dry waste at home, restaurant, office, store and collaboration with Zistap. Give a tree a living to help the environment. Zistap is currently covering the cities of Guilan province and will soon be active in other provinces. One of the benefits of Zistap here to reduce your concerns about the fate of waste is the ability to apply online to the collection of dry grass while planting a tree. You can easily give your tailored solid waste to the zistap and the process of collecting garbage dry and Watch your tree seed gift. Zistap helps to minimize the flow of dry urban waste collection vehicles and enjoy clean air. Reducing the amount of waste and reducing the cost of collecting using zistap here is another benefit to us. We contribute directly to the environment, which is why your co-operation in Zistap here is permanent. In addition, during the collection of dry waste after the collection request, you will be notified of seedling conditions and you can submit your application online without a fee and help the environment with a tree by your own name. Give life to your gift. Zistap specification gift seedlings, tree planting Segregation of seedlings and trees planting Reduced transport of dry garbage collection vehicles in cities Collecting dry waste online Direct participation of citizens in contributing to environmental protection Support for charitable associations and environmental organizations. The special 24-hour CSR support codes are always working to provide the best service to users and entrants. Share your thoughts and suggestions via email contact@zistap.ir.


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