Parent's SAM

Parent's SAM

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this app is part of the parent-teacher communication system (SAM). This program is dedicated to the use of dear parents.

The Parent-Teacher Communication System (SAM) is made up of three mobile apps called teacher's SAM, Parent's SAM and manager's SAM. Teacher's SAM is available to the teacher and can record the daily events of a class (attendance, exam score, assignment, etc.) just like a traditional classroom notebook. All teacher submissions are sent to the parent's mobile phone through notifications, and they can view all enrollments during the school year in full detail through the parent's app. The school administration staff (administrator and assistants) through the manager's SAM can view all school classes in full detail in both the classroom and the student. All three apps teacher's SAM, Parent's SAM and manager's SAM have more property that you can use them.

If your child's school is not a member of this system, contact us for school introduction.


Features of Sam Parents:

 See the weekly student schedule

 View Upcoming Events (Assignment or Quiz)

 View disciplinary cases and encourage students View all grades, assignments, and disciplines separately for each lesson

 View the average grades and student ratings in each lesson

 View the list of teachers, office staff and top class members

 Comparison of student's educational status in different courses (average grades and rank for each course)

 Ability to send and receive messages to the teacher and school administration staff View school news

Receive notifications when new item is recorded (lesson score, assignment, discipline, news, invoice, etc.)

 Ability to view and pay invoices online (tuition, service rent, etc.)

 View school information (pictures, addresses, contact numbers, etc.)

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