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In the name of Allah
Furry friends who have remarkable advance was low thanks !!!
Cable channel connecting to your site without technical knowledge and the easiest way possible! Only the consent of the users on the new version!

The other new features are not concerned about the difficulty of updating your site and channel to channel at the same time and just update your site updated?

Tools trap features:
1- Adad with ID! Increased channel members
2. Anti Report! Reports relief Telegram
3. Get unlimited virtual number!
4. Anti-Hack! Security against account hacking Telegram
5. The new site channel bonding cable channels with automatic update !!!

There Hey service users. Please give us your honest take some time and read this text.

Flow Tools: app before you is a set of tools telegram that every section of the application to perform certain activities and will be very useful. If you're a telegram messenger users of this application, we suggest you!

But the performance of the software:
1- Adad with ID!

Yes, as the name suggests it is clear channel or just people with ID in your contacts list Adad and through its channel users rather channel up and blow your!

It is programmed in such a way that a cable compatible with most instant messenger and if any of the IM user, you can use this part and there will be no limit !! (Image 2)

Instant supported:

- Home Telegram Messenger

- Messenger Plus

-Msnjr Telegram Persian

- Instant Mvbvgram

- Instant Persian Ahura

- Instant audio cable Persian (orange Telegram)

- Instant Persian Gramyty

- Instant Persian gram bars

Yes! We did not suffice and extra features have also considered for the part!

Adad with ID in each telegram messenger! (Image 3) To use this feature, simply click on the link the user profile and then choose Tools traps!

For example: If you already have installed traps advance're just click on the link below!

2. Tools section later in traps for those who have suffered Report as well as a spammer!

In this part 2 introduction and implementation of methods to get rid of the telegram reporting that is identified in Figure 4!

3. The next section in advance to receive an unlimited number of virtual trap and signed up with them in Messenger of Telegram is!

In this part of the training and the introduction of the easier ways of doing this are discussed. (Image 5)

The final part of the application subject Tools trap that most cable users with buckle and unfortunately a lot of people are victims of this important information and many have lost personal photos!
will be safe!
Training setup and initial configuration as well as how to connect for the first time in the app is quite comment. Also allocated to each channel to connect an api!

Preparation and rewrite all the material in advance by Shrmdya was a trap.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reading to the end.

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