Peyro - Save the customer number

Peyro - Save the customer number

Version 1.4
Active installs

Peyro is a simple and efficient tool for storing customer's mobile phone numbers among the company's customers, stores, restaurants, etc.

Usually, one of the concerns of business owners is to have a customer's mobile phone number, they need to announce new news and necessary information to their customers and contacts. The Peyro , which connects to a powerful SMS sending panel, does this easily, by installing the app on a device running Android and exposing it to the customer. Customers can add their number to the customer list only by entering their first and last name and mobile phone number.

The customer's number is stored in a special group in the phone book of the system for sending and receiving short messages belonging to the collection, which has personal and private settings, and is completely confidential and only available to the business owner.

For more information, please call: 07132348884 or 09034668884.

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