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It's time to use smart software instead of red paper calendar to record your period!

Parto Smart Assistant for Women's Health

You can track your menstrual periods and ovulation days.

Estimate the following cycles of your monthly habit.

Predict regular and irregular patterns of periodic cycles.

Keep track of your daily physical and mental symptoms and symptoms.

And record the dark and light spots of your surroundings.

In addition, find your religious injunction in unexpected bloodshed !!!

parto is a trusted application for tracking, detecting and estimating menstrual cycles as well as achieving women's sentences.

Who is the beam suitable for?

Women who have irregular periods.

Women who have regular menstrual cycles.

Women and girls who want to know about the health of their menstrual cycles and their body and mind.

Women who are planning to become pregnant or are trying to get pregnant can use radiation to accurately predict ovulation days.

Women who want to track their ovulation periods, personal information, symptoms of premenstrual syndrome to find out why they experience specific physical and mental emotions on different days of the month.

parto Application Features:

Attractive graphics and easy-to-use interface for women
Calendar reminder to indicate precise timing of period, ovulation, premenstrual syndrome, breast examination
Ability to enter daily physical and psychological symptoms during menstruation and beyond to enable predicting symptoms in the coming months and identifying abnormal symptoms
Take advantage of comprehensive and practical guide to women's religious law with full coverage of the four highest reference fatwas
Ability to communicate directly and easily with a 4-hour answer to religious questions on the doorstep of Quds
Usability of medical-health content - lifestyle and ...
Get the highest accuracy of forecasting the period up to several future cycles
View monthly colored cycle status bar for user
Accurate recording and tracking of monthly habits from the start day to the last day of the cycle
Observe cycle analysis to determine the average menstrual cycle length
Detect the cycle order or irregularity
Applying personal user preferences by capturing a series of basic information including (date of last period, period duration, cycle length, etc.)
Show the chance of fertility per person throughout the day
Tracking and monitoring periodontal, ovulation and mental states in each menstrual cycle

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